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Interview with Chuck Fenwick

FAQ #1: Why don't you make KI instead of KIO3'or both? At one time Medical Corps made KIO3 and KI. However, KI causes cancer in lab animals and KIO3 does not. 

FAQ #2: Is KIO3 effective? Yes. It is used worldwide in Ireland, Scotland, the USA, Asia and Arab countries. Here is a study on it's comparison to KI (Potassium Iodide). 

FAQ #3: Does KIO3 have a long shelf-life? Yes, a very long shelf-life. Most countries are replacing the KI in salt with KIO3 because heat does not affect KIO3 significantly. Our KIO3 tablets have an extended shelf-life of 8 or more years. 

FAQ #4: Do other countries recommend KIO3 being stocked by the citizens? As a matter of fact, Ireland,Scotland and other countries do. In fact a study was done in Scotland on that very question. Here is the study. 

FAQ #5: KIO3 vs. KI There is no KIO3 vs KI--they both work-- however a reader on Survival Blog was wondering if KIO3 was FDA approved. KIO3 is FDA approved and a letter to the Survival Blog explained the survival points to the readers. Here is the letter